Friday, March 9, 2012

Orange Barrels

Back at the intersection, where I-465 and I-74 
are being reconfigured and constructed, 
drivers are daily confronted with a maze of barriers, 
cones, barrels and signs to help them navigate the area. 
Of course, the planners did not take into consideration 
the occasional pedestrian who may need to cross the road. 
As usual, the safest place to cross is not *at the light,*
but further down, near the McDonald's, 
where there is a long, flat area where one can 
easily see on-coming traffic.

Here are more of the building materials 
to be used on the road's drainage system -
stacks of concrete and PVC pipe. All of it stacked 
very near some of the machinery 
used to move and to place it.

Here's a bit of track made in the gravel by the backhoe.

And here is Todd Yohn's "Orange Barrels,"
a song that reflects the irritation and frustration
we all feel when we encounter a construction zone.

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