Monday, March 12, 2012


On Sunday, it had been seven weeks and three days since 
Mr. Groundhog had been out to forecast for spring.
I wore a vest over my T-shirt this afternoon only to have 
pockets for my wallet and camera. Spring has surely
arrived because so many people were out raking 
their flower plots, cleaning garages, and walking their dogs.
This family was preparing their car for future
automobile shows. The engine has been removed
for an overhaul and the garage was being tidied prior to 
the car being returned to its shelter.

There were three people involved in this activity, 
I believe - father, son and granddaughter, each of whom has
their own vehicle to drive around the neighborhood.


Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

Oh how I would have loved that little red car as a child. In fact I am quite taken with it even now.

Meghan said...

I love the mini "hot rod"!

Speedway said...

I found the little red hot rod!

It's on-line so you can have one of your very own.