Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've been wanting a cupcake since the beginning of the year,
but, for one reason or another, had to wait until today
to get my treat. I went downtown, then walked a mile or so
to the Flying Cupcake on Massachusetts Avenue.
Rainy as it was, I found pictures that needed to be taken
so enjoyed the stroll along the storefronts that line
the street - boutiques, pubs, art galleries, a bakery for 
dog treats as well as a couple for human goodies.

I chose the designated "birthday cupcake,"
yellow vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and - 
need I say it - Sprinkles! Wrapped in tissue and 
placed in its very own pink box, I put the
treat in my tote, then returned downtown.
I went to the coffee shop to enjoy
a latte and the cupcake, savoring every bit
while I watched passersby in the rain. 

Returning home, the weather brightened for a bit, 
then dark clouds came into the area. This evening,
much of the state is under a series of severe thunderstorm warnings, as well as tornado watches and warnings. 
Given the warmer than usual winter we enjoyed, 
it's inevitable that the warm fronts and cooler temps 
brought by the rain would cause a trepidation of 
storms when they meet. 

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