Sunday, March 11, 2012

Purple and Gold

For years, I've seen the crocuses blooming in a neighborhood garden 
every March. Until this year. I don't know whether there are new people 
living in the house, but this spring, for all intents, there are no flowers. 
I saw one white crocus trying to emerge from under the leaves, 
but it didn't make it. The plant couldn't get past all the detritus 
to reach the sun in time. This year, the little plot remains winter brown.
So far. I keep hoping that spring will, once again, rise from
beneath winter's brown to reach the sun.


Kate said...

These crocus blooms are true harbingers of spring. Love the colors, don't you?!

Speedway said...

Hi, Kate! And thank you for visiting. I love the bright splotches of color in the winter browns, hints of the technicolor to come.

A friend used to lose his crocus to squirrels. He was dumbfounded until he realized the little beasts took only those of one color, which became "volunteers" all over his back yard. It seems they don't like the taste of one color,so leave those behind. A neighborhood yard is scattered with purple ones, so maybe they don't like yellow ones?