Sunday, April 1, 2012

At Angles

There are a couple little stores in the shopping center 
that sell clothes meant for young women. I frequently find 
the styles interesting. They are the very much cheaper
less expensive versions of more current modes,
so I am at a loss as to whether the styles are one step 
removed from "street fashion," three or four
income levels from "au courant" designers.
or just the whole thing come full circle.

Around the corner from the flowing, undulating stripes,
I saw these triangles and wedges, shadows cast on the sidewalk along with a reflection from the store window.
I tried to crop the image without the bits of yellow
and red, but they seemed to add to the composition.
I suppose when they it initially caught my eye,
the color played a part in it, so the
colored bits remain.

Confession: I did use Photoshop to remove a couple 
of the more distracting/offensive spots on the

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