Monday, April 30, 2012

Type A

Type A, a sculpture by Team Building (Align), 2010
This sculpture, comprised of two metal rings, is meant to cast 
one shadow on the day of the Summer Solstice.
This year, that will be June 20 at 23:09 GMT, 
which will be 7:09 p.m. DST, I think. 
I took these pictures at 1:26 p.m. and 1:27 p.m., 
respectively, and they look pretty well aligned to me.
What will be magically different just 
after 7 p.m. about seven weeks from now? 

Next year, the Solstice is to
be at 05:04 GMT on June 21.  Well, that translates 
to just after one o'clock in the morning here, 
so not much chance of the two rings casting 
an aligned shadow then, either.
Unless it's star or moon shadows.

Here, a man is walking his dog just outside
Aliens Plotting a Crop Circle.
If I were to lie in the circle naked at the appointed,
important time, will I find my self joyously
impregnated by Darryl the One-Eyed Monster
from the Planet Trojan? That's an event
that'd scare the magic out of all the 
woods faeries for miles around.
Makes their wings droop just thinking on it.

Another of the Bench Around the Lake
series by Jeppe Hein, 2010
These photos are among those I took last week 
during my visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art 
and to the IMA's adjacent art park, 100 Acres.


Scout said...

I love these rings—you'll definitely have to return to take photos of the solstice.

dive said...

Luurve those benches, and the ring sculpture is astonishing! What a wonderful thing to have in your park; almost as wonderful as your weird imagination. Hee hee.

Speedway said...

Scout, I've marked the date on my calendar, to make certain to check the sculpture on the Solstice.

Yeh, Dive, the idea of my having an orgiastic experience with an ALF definitely would make faeries cry. Me, too, for that matter.