Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Faffing about in Speedway

Okay, robins are a common bird. However, this is as close 
as I've gotten to a bird that will stick around 
long enough for me to take its picture.
So here you have it - the SDP ornithological
contribution to spring pictures. 
I've been stalking herons, buzzing after 
hummingbirds, and waddling after ducks,
all without success.

By the way, robins don't all go South for the winter. 
Most seem to take up residence beneath a berry tree 
on the Wishard Hospital Campus, gorging themselves 
on the bright red fruit until they cannot fly,
telling their buddies robin stories -
"I'm tellin' you, Gus, it was the biggest damn
worm I'd ever pulled out of the ground!" 


dive said...

Wow! Your robins are nothing like our robins (a family of whom are nesting in the ivy outside my bedroom window and who have been driving me crazy at four every morning for weeks).

Speedway said...

Hi, Dive. Yes, our robins not only are larger, but their colors are arranged differently. I remember a news story from several years back telling of an American Robin who'd somehow found his way to England. The local bird watchers were were all agog, and groups of birders came to watch the bird when, suddenly, from out of the sky, a falcon flew in, tackled the little alien and took it away for dinner. The birders, agog and aghast, had watched the entire episode through their binocs and telescopes.