Saturday, April 7, 2012

Everything's All New Again

After a winter that was warmer than usual, 
we do have Spring. The trees are blooming, delicate shades 
of green have followed pale flowers. 
Tulips and daffodils have raised their friendly heads 
to greet the sun. At the Coke Field the water in the 
creek seems bright as newly cut diamonds
as it plays over the sand and stones in the creek bed.

It's a welcome cycle, one that seems to give all of us 
another opportunity to achieve our dreams, 
to nuture and watch over our plans.  


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

With as warm as our winter was, we are happy that almost everything survived and even our annuals (impatiens) are returning!

Your photos resemble fine watercolor paintings... lovely


Speedway said...

Thank you for the compliment, Genie. I wish I could make nice watercolor paintings, but that is a technique that has always evaded me.

The winter here was warm enough that doctors are worried that there wasn't enough frost to kill the viruses. We already have more than enough insects, now we'll have to worry about the invisible critters, too!

How did your husband enjoy Paris? I would think he'd be enthralled to see it in such a personal way, without the pressure of the usual tourist schedule.

dive said...

That top pic looks like my skin (yes, I'm feeling old).

Speedway said...

Ahh, baby, I know the feeling. Just please, retain your zest for life and a twinkle in your eye. After a while it will have to get us through when looks will not.