Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pink Clouds and Soccer Goals

The week began with gray skies and overnight rains.
Pushed through the area by strong winds, most of the clouds
had gone by yesterday evening, leaving wisps
of sunlit pink and lavender.

I went to the west end of the property,
 where I knew I could get a clear view of the sunset,
and found the lot full of neighborhood men
playing soccer. The parking area was full of cars
and a lot of the men's families were present.
The little boys in the foreground were practicing with their
own ball, dribbling and kicking the ball into the net, as well. 
(The little guy in red was wearing one of Dad's shirts
against the chilly night air.) I learned this group 
of men are all members of one team,
who gather frequently at this site to practice
for community tournaments.

A quarter mile away, little kids play soccer
at the park, while their fathers tend more toward
softball, the sound of a grapefruit-sized ball
making a metallic Ping! as it ricochets
off an aluminum bat, its path through the air
tracked by men running across the new spring 
grass to catch it in leather mitts, Smack!

While it's different, it has the same purpose -
the men play, the women and their families
talk and visit. Friendships are formed and
a community is in the process of being built.


dive said...

The colour of that sky is simply gorgeous, Speedway, and the tree looks so elegant against it.

I'm totally baffled, however, by the child dressed in a red bedsheet. What's going on there?

Speedway said...

Oops, sorry, Dive. It was chilly last evening as the sun went down. The little boy was wearing one of his dad's polo shirts over his own little clothes.