Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Same Time, Last Year

Due to a small medical issue, I've had to stay pretty 
close to home this week, so my camera and 
I haven't been able to wander much.
This will be remedied within the next day or so.
Meanwhile, here are a few pictures I took
at this same time last year during a walk downtown.
The top picture was taken underneath
one of the flowering trees near the bus stop 
at the Federal Court House.

The picture above shows the flowering trees 
around the Indiana War Memorial. In the background,
from right to left, are the Baker & Daniels law offices,
AT&T buildings make up the next two, while
the fourth building is a Sheraton hotel. 

 This restored, red-painted brick home is 
on a side street off Alabama Street, just north 
of the downtown area. I was tempted
to replace the light fixture on its pole, but was 
unable to reach it from outside the fence.


dive said...

Wow! Springtime downtown sure is pretty. I'm glad you'll soon be out and about and enjoying it again.

Speedway said...

It is pretty downtown. I went to meet friends for lunch, packed my tote with notebook, snacks for later, etc., then realized too late I'd forgotten to bring my camera. Oh, well. I'll try again tomorrow.