Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Textured Tuesday: Cake Therapy

Last week, on my way to visit the Eiteljorg Museum, 
I stopped for a snack at Cafe Patachou. 
It had been years since I had had coconut cake and, 
along with a mocha latte, I savored the smooth
creaminess of the icing with the flaky coconut.
And what of the textures of the latte?
Well, there was a grittiness to the cocoa flavor
that was beautifully set off by the foamy bubbles
of the froth. Yes, it was therapy which 
I balanced that evening by having a salad for dinner,
equally good in its own way, but not nearly
as therapeutic.


dive said...

Oh, Lordy!
I just put on two pounds simply looking at those pictures.

Speedway said...

So did I, Dive, so did I, and I wasn't lookin' at it, I was eatin'. It's why I said, "Therapy's over. Nuthin' hurts, so it's worked. Don't need any more."