Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nine Trees

I just like the way these nine trees are grouped. 
Bordering the IMS parking area on Georgetown Road,
the trees bend and lean towards each other
to create an interesting composition of line and space.

In the same lot, the sunlight shown through
the leaves on this tree, creating a nice progression
from the pink flowers to the shaded green leaves.


dive said...

Beautifully grouped, Speedway; almost like a Japanese park scene.
I have to take issue with your counting, however; a tenth tree is hiding behind the one on the left. Trees can be so sneaky like that.
The sunlight there is gorgeous. We've had frosts, freezing rain, snow and hail this week; it feels like Spring's been cancelled. Brr …

Hope everything went well yesterday. Thinking of you.

Speedway said...

Well... hell. Yup, you're eight. 10 trees. But 9 is such a more aesthetically pleasing number than ten and would only have worked if there were two groups of five each, but then that'd leave two groups(boring)rather than the requisite odd number. Oh, it's never-ending, isn't it?

Everything went well. No pain, though I feel like my eyes are being pulled together. More of a sinus headache feeling. Eh, I'll get over it.

One eye almost swollen shut. Damn. Now I have to deal with the WV thingy.