Friday, July 5, 2013

A Community Fourth

The bounce castle at the local Lions' Club Fourth of July celebration,
held Thursday afternoon at Meadowood Park, was
a popular attraction. At times it seemed to bounce and
jiggle to the rhythms of the Starlighters,
a local band that played patriotic-themed arrangements,
as well as big band tunes. 
While a few people actually danced, 
others seemed to be just thrilled enough to sit.

A local caterer provided standard summer fare - 
fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, 
and hot dogs for the kids, if they wanted them. 
Everyone sat and visited in a
big blue and white tent as they ate their meals.

Competitive juices flowed among participants, 
young and old, who met in the pavilion 
after the band concert to compete in a cake walk; 
for 50 cents one could circle around 
til the music stopped, and, if one happened
to be standing on the number that was called,
one got their choice of numerous cakes.


*One* put up $2, and didn't get so much 
as a sniff of a brownie.

A caricature artist was on hand to make 
drawings for those who wanted them.
The days activities were overwhelming for at least
one tiny person, who slept through much of the revelry
just a few feet away from her tiny head.


dive said...

A splendid day, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Absolutely, Dive. I met people I'd never met before and will more than likely never see again, I saw people who could not tap their feet to a tune unless it was a funeral durdge, and could not win a store-bought cake no matter how many coins I threw at them.

But I enjoyed my walk even more and took a lot of pictures.