Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red, White, and Something Near Blue

All around the town, all over the country, 
people will be gathering to celebrate the Fourth of July, 
the 237th anniversary of the signing of 
the Declaration of Independence.
There will be ice cream socials, picnics, carnivals,
concerts by brass bands and orchestras,
culminating in the fireworks displays
guaranteed to produce "Ooohs" and "Aaahs"
from children of all ages.  

I've become jaded by fireworks, however, because, 
took place on the Ohio River in August, 2003.


dive said...

I remember that awesome post, Speedway.
Hey, it wasn't until I popped over here to your blog that I realised what day it was. Understandably, the loss of yet another of our uppity colonies is not something that gets much of an anniversary celebration over on this side of the Pond.
Have a great day!

Speedway said...

Yeh, and over here there's more than one magazine on the news stands devoted to the birth of another little "parasite." So much for our liberation from the Empire, or whatever it is.

dive said...

I genuinely had no idea we were due another parasite until Robyn told me it's all over her Ohio news stations. Nobody here (except Lynn) gives a shit so it's not something that's on the news (Egypt and politics and Wimbledon this week). It's weird that the only people who have any interest in the parasites are the very folk who rejected them back in the day.
You're more than welcome to take them off our hands.
Please …
Pretty please?