Saturday, July 20, 2013


It is so hot and humid in the morning that,
 by the time I get to the bus stop 
for my ride downtown, I am "glistening." 
The air conditioning at my workplace, 
as well as most of the buses, is kept well into 
the chilly zone, enough so that I have to
wear a sweater to be comfortable
for the eight hours I am at work.
Yesterday morning, workers at the downtown
bus stop were using a pressure washer 
to clean the sidewalks and pavement.
I often used a pressure washer to clean my boat
and enjoyed the mist from the spray as it 
ricocheted from the surface, back to my face
and my body. So I envied the workers at the stop,
wanting so much to enjoy the cooling mist,
however grungy it may have been.

Pardon me ... while I go spend the afternoon 
just glistening like hell.

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