Monday, July 1, 2013

July Theme: Facades: It's So Green

This past week, the weather has been dodgy ... the sun 
is dodging in and out of cloud cover
and rain showers have occurred once or twice a day.

Compared to last year, the green is abundant; 
all the trees are happy and flowers 
have been blooming amok.
The pictures above were taken this past week
at the Coke Field, showing shrubbery
overwhelmed with their good fortune.
The photo below was taken on the same day
 a year ago, showing the grass dried
into a mat of straw yellow.

And what has this to do with the CDP July 
theme of "Facades"? Nothing, I suppose, 
unless one realizes that one of my favorite spots
to look for bits of green, turtles, and pretty sunrises
 is actually a small grove of trees growing 
alongside a drainage ditch. People walk across
the property without realizing one can see
the occasional heron, coyotes stalking field mice,
and hawks raising their young in a nearby tree.
Yep, it is a ditch bisecting a large field that
is used as a parking lot during the IMS
racing season. But I prefer the facade, that is 
my little bit of wild in the city.

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theme by photographers from all around
the world, click on the link above,
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