Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Textured Tuesday: Majestic African Textiles

After leaving Ai Weiwei's exhibit Saturday at 
the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I took a bit of time 
to visit some of the other galleries.
In the Gerald and Dorit Paul Gallery, I found
Majestic African Textiles, an exhibit of 
beaded and embroidered objects, drawn primarily
from the IMA's textile collection.

The exhibit is organized by geographic region, 
representing various ethnic groups, and includes
items ranging from royal and prestige cloths,
masking and ritual garments.
The colors and patterns are wonderful and
strikingly contemporary, with masterfully
balanced shapes that would be the envy 
of any modern painter.

My favorite piece is an intricately
constructed garment, an Egyptian woman's shawl
made in the early 1900s. It is almost entirely
covered in strips of German silver attached to
a backing cloth of cotton netting.
From a distance the scarf almost gives 
the appearance of silver lame'.
I wa-a-a-a-nt one.

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dive said...

Thoroughly enjoying this pictorial tour through the Indy, Speedway.
Yup; gotta love that shawl.