Saturday, July 27, 2013


I spent the afternoon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway 
watching sports car racing on the road course.
My little camera is too slow to catch the cars at speed, 
so I mostly didn't bother, but here is a group
of corner workers watching over the
Continental Tire Brickyard Challenge,
which was followed soon after by the  three-hour
Rolex Grand-Am Series race.

The bearded man was also monitoring a couple
grandsons, a sort of "free-range child care,"
wherein he did his job while the boys took in the
delights of some manufacturer displays
a hundred feet or so away.
Shown below is a picture of cars coming through 
Turn 11 where the crew was working.

I dawdled around the manufacturers' displays myself. 
They're installed in the parking lot around the IMS Museum
and feature the latest and fanciest models of cars
and engines all polished to perfection. 
I can't afford anything, but I like to dream about 
a particular model of car. In red, of course.
I take that back - I did buy a tiny model of NASCAR
driver Tony Stewart's No. 14 Bass Pro Shops
Mobil 1 Chevy. The box said it is meant 
for children ages 4 and up. I think I can handle that.

A passer-by was kind enough to take my picture 
while I was standing behind a headless cardboard torso
of NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick. Hello!


dive said...

Yaaaay! What a great day out, Speedway. Love the portrait. For a minute there I thought you'd gone out in full leathers. Cool.
More, more, more, please!

Speedway said...

I only took a few pictures of cars for previously given reasons. Leathers, Dive? Nah, that was my fireproof cardboard Nomex driving suit.

lin said...

when I first saw this, I thought you bought a jacket! What a stunning day for the track.

Speedway said...

Hi, Lin.Yeah, even though I know I was standing behind the cut-out, I almost believe I had on a nice driver's suit, too. Sadly, no. And last year, the temp for the Brickyard 400 was 103 degrees F. Right now, it's 30-40 degrees cooler. What a beautiful relief!