Friday, July 12, 2013

While Dad Washed the Car ...

After I left work late Thursday afternoon, I saw these 
two boys outside the car wash. They were sitting 
in their car seats, waiting for their father to 
finish washing the family van, 
watching the parade of passing traffic and 
people as they went about their business.
And yes, the little boy on the right
mugged continually while his brother was
the more reserved of the two.


dive said...

Was he tempted to drive off and leave them there?

Speedway said...

I don't think so , Dive. In addition to being well-behaved, the boys were clean and well cared for. Daddy wanted his little boys.

Jack said...

This is funny. I never thought about taking the kids out of the car seats when they were this age. Of course, I mainly used drive through carwashes.

Speedway said...

Hi, Jack. These boys were well-behaved. I wondered how difficult it was to remove both seats, then put them back. It was probably less trouble than having the kids run loose with other cars and people around.