Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Textured Tuesday: Orange and White Triangles on Pointy Gray Stuff

There are acres of open land awaiting development 
in the Town of Speedway. A number of new buildings, 
such as those for Dallara Indy Car, Sarah Fisher 
Racing, and Community Hospital have been 
completed in recent years. These open bits of land
were created by tearing down old, abandoned
businesses that had not been used for many years.
Instead of remaining passive, allowing the
surroundings to continue into dereliction,
the town created a development plan and,
along with other businesses, the ones above are
a part of the efforts to once again have an
active business core for the town, much of it 
related to auto racing.

Parking areas for race spectators have been marked off 
in the lots by the Speedway Police Department, 
creating a decorative chain of bright triangles against 
a background resembling gray boucle'.


dive said...

Eek! The SSD are on the march.

Speedway said...

And dragging their tails behind them.