Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Watery Evening

Afternoon thunderstorms were forecast for the area 
and they hit practically as if scheduled.
I left work just after the worst of the watery
onslaught had passed through, only to have my co-workers
and myself repeatedly splashed by passing drivers.
The rain let up enough so that I didn't get soaked between
buses or walking the last couple blocks 
to the Natatorium.Which brings to mind another 
little conundrum: why is it that I don't mind 
swimming for more than an hour, 
yet get all pissy because I have to go out
into the rain afterwards? I'm as fussy as a cat
about getting my feet wet, stepping around, leaping,
and dodging puddles as though I was was shod 
in a pair of Jimmy Choo's finest satin pumps.


Anonymous said...

Well, for swimming you are dressed for the occasion, whereas going out in the rain is done in garments designed for dry surroundings.

William Kendall said...

Amazing skies in that shot.

When I get splashed by cars like that, some very choice profane words end up getting uttered. Sister Mary Margaret would not be pleased by my vocabulary at such moments.