Tuesday, May 13, 2014

For Dive ...

Presenting! In person! 
The IRL Grid Girls!

Some of them anyway.
Below is the entire line-up.
There must be something to that 
"the camera adds five pounds" adage, 
because these ladies were all nicely slender 
and long-legged; the camera does make
 them seem a bit squat. 

These women reminded me a bit of Robert Palmer's 
ladies in his Simply Irresistible video.


dive said...

Pour moi?
How sweet of you, Speedway. Thank you. Just remember when you ship 'em over to leave airholes in the box.

Kate said...

I should look "a bit squat!" Beautiful women.

Anonymous said...

It is also the unattractive cut of the "dresses".

William Kendall said...

Lovely ladies... and strangely, one of them seems very familiar.