Saturday, May 3, 2014

With A Cup of Coffee, A Bic Pen, and A Notebook the World Is Mine

Most workday mornings, I like to stop in at
 the Paradise Bakery for a hot chai latte.
Between buses, I sit at a table for a few minutes
to watch the downtown area come alive
for another day of business, working towards
a dream, or like most of us, just keeping 
food on the table and bills paid.
I am not alone in this endeavor; there is a 
woman at another corner table sipping her
coffee, writing in a notebook.
Is that a novel she's working on? A journal,
perhaps? For sure, it's not an ordinary
entry because she's making it in longhand,
not typing the info into her laptop, 
nor is she texting. It seems deeper, more
personal somehow. At this time of the morning,
when the sun's rays are just beginning
to edge around the downtown office buildings,
writing in a notebook, with a cup of coffee
at hand seems just about the right
thing to occupy one's time.


LuiZ FernandoS said...

I like your text and photo

William Kendall said...

A writer, perhaps... we do tend to jot extensively in notebooks, and some of us do our first drafts that way.