Monday, May 12, 2014


Damn. I did not get the identification for this car.
It was just one of the many beautiful displays brought 
to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway 
by their proud owners for the 4th Annual
Spectators were drawn to the exhibits like bees 
to flowers; they were seriously appreciative 
of the beauty and craftsmanship
that went into the production of these cars.

I believe the owners were from the Indianapolis area. 
The car was kitted out with folding chairs, picnic supplies 
and a portable phonograph player, everything
needed for a polite alfresco occasion 
some eighty years ago. Party down, peeps!

The kind lady in the period outfit told me
she haunts thrift shops and found everything 
she is wearing at various stores.
It seemed a tad ironic that, for a comparative
few dollars, she found a period appropriate
ensemble to wear with a car the restoration of which
could easily have cost well into six figures.


dive said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic first photo!

William Kendall said...

Very well dressed up, and terrific shots, particularly that first one.

I snapped a couple of shots of a 1914 Ford on the weekend, but didn't think to ask the owner what model it was.