Sunday, May 4, 2014

Street Art: Black, White, and Gray

The white patches mark the pedestrian walkway, 
while the black is sealant spread over grooves 
in the asphalt pavement where electronic sensors 
are installed that (mostly) prevent the shopping
carts from being taken away from the property


William Kendall said...

I wondered, having had seen signs at some stores warning about that, where the measures were in place to prevent that.

dive said...

Cool She's back and she's bad.

Speedway said...

Hi, William. The shopping carts all have an e-brake shoe on them that is engaged when someone attempts to take the cart beyond the boundaries of the buried wires. The effect is immediate. A store employee must use an instrument to disengage the lock before the cart can be moved. This also happens when a shopper inadvertently takes the cart through one of the store's exits - one that had proven a target of escape for thieves/shoplifters, etc. (I know because I once took my purchased items through one of those doors. Damned embarrassing.)

And, yeah, David, I'm back and I'm so effing *ba-aaad* you don't wanna see me scurrying, much chastened, through the store to another exit with my week's groceries in my just unlocked cart.