Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Don' Feel So Gud

Last week, grateful for a bit of restful shade and air conditioning, I stopped at a local pub. It was early, before the after-work crowd would be stopping by to begin fueling for the long Labor Day weekend ahead. Along with one other customer, I enjoyed the quiet bit of relative privacy. It was nearly a hundred degrees outside where I'd been taking pictures. Inside, whatever it was, the temperature was a cool blessing provide by man's inventiveness and everlasting search for comfort ... little cubes of ice in a glass, sliding down my throat.

This evening, I don' feel so gud. From the heat on Saturday, the temp fell nearly thirty-five degrees. I spent all morning outside with other people, waiting in a stiff breeze for Victory to be returned to her pedestal atop the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument. Instead of ice cubes I wanted a nice, warm latte. Now my ears ache, my face is wind-burned and my eyes just wanna close.

The wind gusts never abated to the 20 mph-or-less required for safe installation. The event has been delayed until tomorrow, providing the winds and thunderbolts cooperate.


dive said...

Ah, the end of Summer is a strange beast. I hope you're feeling better today after your roasting and freezing episodes. I must confess that pub looks so tempting.

Speedway said...

The weather did not cooperate with Victory. She remains streetside, giving people the only photo opportunity with her they will get in their/our lifetimes..

I took a couple aspirin then went to bed, snuggled in blankies, so feel much better today, thank you.

I did learn some interesting info yesterday about the statue and her original construction, which my steamboat mind immediately related to the construction of the boats. So I've got to ask more questions, do more research, etc. One thing leads to another...*Sigh.*

dive said...

The more you learn, you learn there's more to learn. Life's sense of humour is pretty twisted.