Friday, September 30, 2011

Rainy Speedway

Sometimes, I don't have to make a shot black and white
because the weather does it all for me. This afternoon I watched the sky turn from a nice Kodachrome (R.I.P.) to Plus X right before my eyes.

It was fairly busy this afternoon at the grocery. 
There's something about any change in the weather 
that makes people want to stock their pantries, 
like squirrels hoarding nuts against the coming winter.
An hour later, it had turned to this ...


dive said...

Oh, what a glorious sunset, Speedway! Truly spectacular.

How unusual to see mimosa against dark rain clouds. Over here it only grows down in the south of Europe so we associate it with endless sunny days.
Even the wet tarmac of the car park looks refreshing (we're in the middle of a dumb heatwave here).

Speedway said...

The rain was refreshing. I did not mind getting caught in it as I walked to the store as it was a relief compared to the endless 90+ days we had this summer.

I don't know what species the tree is, but it doesn't flower in the spring or summer, or it hasn't in the 30 years I've seen it. We do have mimosas here, but only in people's yards.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

We have a saying on the Gulf Coast... If you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes! That sunset was truly worth waiting for - wow!

I just shed a little tear for Kodachrome...


dive said...

Me too, though I never really used the stuff; for me it was Ektachrome Pro for transparencies and Ilford HP5 for grainy black and white work.
Either way, I do miss messing around in the darkroom.