Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Textured Tuesday: On Limestone & Vine

I started early enough there was still dew on the plants and flowers.
Even the humble kale looked to be dressed in sequins. Unfortunately,
it just didn't show in the pictures.

This morning, I took my little camera for another long walk, this time along the western section of the Canal Walk from the State Office Building to the  NCAA Headquarters building and into White River State Park along the Riverwalk behind the Indianapolis Zoo.

Yep, here I am at the corner of Limestone & Vine, where the canal turns south
to run along between the Indiana State Museum and the  NCAA Headquarters.

 I made another right turn where the Canal turned towards an expanse of lawn, then fed back into the White River. Beginning with the old Washington Street Bridge, which is now a sculpture park, Riverwalk follows the river behind the Indianapolis Zoo. Walled in with massive blocks of rough-hewn limestone, it reveals numerous small beauties and surprises and is a popular place for joggers and casual walkers.

A self-portrait in shadows and granite.

Looking south beneath the Old Washington Street Bridge at other bridges
which also span the White River on the west side of downtown Indianapolis.

And now we enter the shade and beauty of the River Walk which stretches behind the Indianapolis Zoo. Office workers, athletes and firefighters assigned to a near-by station are among the many people who enjoy the trail.

Yes, there are many "pretty weemin," but
I prefer the sight and scent of the species above. Oooh.
A limestone "rose" hidden among its massive brethren.
The crooked little tree and giant limestone blocks
play off and accent each other, adding to the beauty of each.
The path doesn't end at the Zoo's boundary at White River Drive, but continues along that drive and, depending on the direction you choose, will take you north -- to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and northward beyond the county lines -- or back downtown. Here, I turned around to walk the other side of the Canal, where there are additional treats to be seen, which I will show another time as they deserve their own little show.

Jogger passing under the Promenade
outside the ISM Administrative Offices

And I will end with a picture of a couple of the many turtles I saw in the driftwood caught under the piers of the bridge. They were happily swimming, drifting and basking on logs in the river. Just as the turtles extended their necks to look around them, my little camera strove mightily to help me with these pictures, exhausting itself soon after. 


dive said...

What a wonderful walk, Speedway.
We never get to see this side of US cities over here; all we get to see of the States on TV is endless dank alleys, crack houses and car chases and unfeasibly attractive people yelling at one another.
I prefer your version.

Speedway said...

Thank you for the nice words, Dive.

We do have 'way too much of that, Dive, but the people aren't "unfeasibly attractive," either. I'm doing my best to show you nice bits of the city because the ugly parts are all too common.

dive said...

I must say you've completely won me over to the beauties of Indiana's capital, Speedway. So many fine buildings sympathetically restored; such imaginative treatment of the canal and river (at least in the parts I've seen); if the coffee and the food are as good it's little wonder people like to live there (and that's not even counting the home of American motor racing). I think our home places are what we make them and you're certainly making the best of yours.