Thursday, September 15, 2011


While walking through the White River State Park the other morning, 
I stopped to look over the old Washington Street bridge hoping to see turtles. Rather, a turtle. I'd have been happy to see just one.
The morning was warm and I thought I might catch one basking on the driftwood

I was rewarded with the sight of about a dozen, going about their turtle business --basking on an old log, searching for food, swimming just below the water's surface in quest of some goal known to them alone, or just drifting with the slow current of the river. 

I must have seen a dozen of them, with great unseen numbers of them lurking amid the driftwood, underwater, out of sight. My camera was stretched to its capabilities to get a few decent pictures. I was very happy.


dive said...

Yay turtles! How wonderful to see nature going about its business right in the heart of the city. These guys are cute beyond words.

Speedway said...

G'morning, Dive, and thank you. I always enjoy the way you find something nice to say. It's a pleasure to think you enjoy the little shelled guys, too.

I counted four turtles in the top picture, with the gray one being a lumpy snapper of churlish disposition. Not that it was, but in the picture it seems as though he has his back turned and shoulders hunched to avoid his painted cousins.

Speedway said...

Oops, my bad! The lumpy gray one seems to have red cheeks, too. So make him antisocial, not churlish.

dive said...

I do indeed have an inordinate affection for the cute and crusty little guys, Speedway.
Although in my old edition of Mrs.Beeton's Household Management (under "Colonial Cuisine") there are several turtle recipes and she gives the horrifying advice: "Be sure to break their legs before putting them in the pot as they are wont to attempt to climb out."
I'm happy to say I have never eaten turtle and never will.