Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yellow House on the Corner

After visiting the Indiana Landmarks Center last week, I took a walk around the block and was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful homes on one block alone. Here is one of those homes, a work in progress and a beautiful jewel.

It was virtually impossible to take a picture of the house as a whole, so I chose to highlight a few of its details: the stucco exterior with its off-white window frames make the large house seem light and airy; numerous beveled glass leaded windows add glitter to its facade, inviting one to explore within.

The house to its south, a glimpse of which can be seen in the first picture, is painted in shades of violet. They compliment each other, the colors of both softened so there's no blinding clash to make people run away in horror.

Here is the shady porch on the north side of the house, just the place to read a book and enjoy lemonade on a hot summer day.


dive said...

Sweet! I'll have both of those, please.
I can never get over the sheer size of American homes. I would love that kind of space, but here on our crowded little island we live in shoe boxes. Hey ho.

Speedway said...

While I do love these homes, they are almost totally unrealistic given the costs to maintain them. They were originally built by local moguls and it must take at least a substantial six-figure income to have one today; just below the windows in the first picture I saw 3 AC units and that CAN"T have been enough to supply all the zones in a house that size.

The work on the house isn't done; I saw an entire wooden door frame leaning on the wall of the side porch, as well as other, related pieces. The side entrance also has double doors with beveled glass windows, as well as related windows.