Friday, September 23, 2011

Working Bees and Schmoos

When last seen, hard-working bees Steve and Larry were discussing setting up hive-keeping with some nice girl bees of like mind. Here they can be seen toiling in the lush pollen fields, accompanied by Larry's new honey, Debbie, at the top of the picture. Steve's main lady, Harriet, has started a new job making bee-lines as well as tending to their new larvae.

When I saw the giant-ass doves in the wagon, I at first thought they were gourds, painted to represent the Schmoos, from Al Capp's "Li'l Abner" syndicated cartoon strip from the 1950s. Even now that I see the doves' beaks, they still look more like Schmoos to me. 


dive said...

Wow! What a bee-frenzy. You're going to have some good local honey next Spring, Speedway … that is unless those flighty critturs follow your script and spend all their time flirting.

I'd never heard of the Schmoos and now I want some. I wonder if the pet store has any I can buy.

Speedway said...

Sad to say, I don't think there's any "SpeedwayHoney," 'ceptin' for me, of course. I've been wanting to start my own hives - it wouldn't cost much money - but I'd have to find a place to site the hives both where people/vandals wouldn't get to them and that would be convenient for me to tend them. Hmmm.

The Schmoos were an unexpectedly popular spin-off from Al Capp's Lil Abner strip, another of which was Fearless Fosdick. There is ephemera to be collected as it there were comic books, ceramic items, fishing lures, etc

Anonymous said...

All good except that there are no male worker bees. Steve and Larry must be lesbians;-)

Speedway said...

OK, A., I'm glad you ID'd yourself because this had me a bit concerned.

Yeah, I kinda know about the bees. I just start typing to make a story and this is what falls from my fat fingers.

I've been half wandering around Speedway looking for a place to put a hive next Spring. So far, everyplace looks like it could be vandalized or otherwise disrupted.

Speedway said...

Oh, yeah, and the big, fat bumble bees don't make honey. They just gather pollen, which is why they sometimes look like they're wearing fluffy yellow sweaters.