Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Pay Check for Somebody

All over the city, new sidewalks, drainage systems, and curbing is being installed.
In Speedway, the narrow side streets have each, in their turn, been torn up
so that new sewage lines can be put in place.

Outside the entry to my workplace, a new retention pond has been
created, lined with rip-rap, to help alleviate flooding 
in the neighborhood. New sidewalks have also been poured,
which will be greatly appreciated by the disabled folk who live nearby.

While all of this has been needed, and some may have been 
long-planned, I think the scale of the operation, taking in a great part 
of metro Indy, is due to the Economic Stimulus Act; our virulently
Republican government condemns the operation, but is avidly
using the monies received to do the much-needed work.
While I have no proof that this is so, the amount of work being done
for the past 4 years seems unprecedented.

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dive said...

Wowee! Those are stunning abstracts, Speedway. Hoorah for public works, whoever foots the bill.