Monday, December 24, 2012

All I Want for Solstice

Winter came in with the solstice, right on schedule, 
bringing cold rain, hail, gusty winds and snow flurries. 
It then warmed up and gave us sunny, blue skies.
Apparently, this is just a respite, as we are to get snow
for Christmas. A white Christmas. Ugh!
It will be pretty for about fifteen minutes, then will
turn to dirty slush and ochre-colored ice.
To top it off, I hate being cold and count the lengthening
days as just another chore to get through
until spring returns, bringing green grass and flowers. 


dive said...

Is that the far famed Coke Field Tree admiring its nekkid reflection in the puddle?
Next time you're out there, tell it your English pal says it looks a lot better naked than he does.

Merry, post-solstice, day-lengthening, Speedway!

Speedway said...

I'm afriad Coke Field tree had no choice in the matter. Like a Gypsy Rose Lee strip-tease, Mother Nature blew her beautiful leaves off, making her stand naked for all the passers-by.

No matter Tree looks better naked than you, because she also will tolerate the rain, wind and cold better than you, too; you'd be all pruned up within 15 minutes, with not so much as a maple leaf for warmth.