Friday, December 7, 2012

Sorta Straight and Very Crooked

Okay, so I'm just waiting for the bus to work, standing near the corner 
of  Indiana Avenue and Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.
The day has brought the city a beautiful sunrise, but I can't really 
see it where I'm standing. I'm looking around for something that might
make a decent picture. I look up to the the telephone lines,
running more or less straight, contrasted with the tree branches,
growing towards the light. There it is, my picture. 
I just wish more of the red in the berries could be seen.

Traffic is headed into town at about a quarter of eight,
making an angled turn south from MLK Drive onto West Street.
The tall building in the center is "Big Blue," the JW Marriott
Hotel that opened almost a year ago. The building
is covered in blue glass that catches and reflects the sky
in such a way as to always make the building interesting
to look at, as though it were a painting.

1 comment:

dive said...

An illustrative photo of just why Nature abhors a straight line, Speedway.
The tree looks beautiful; like a Japanese painting.

The lower photo looks like some kid scribbled all over the sky. I can understand that in Tokyo or LA, where there are earthquakes, but why do they do it in the rest of America? Cables should be decently buried.