Sunday, December 9, 2012

Acne Laughs ...

Ha-ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho!
Downtown Indy was busy this morning.
I first went to the Indiana State Museum which was bustling
with families milling about with kids of various ages.
There was a choir singing Christmas songs, with dutiful
moms and dads in attendance to see their beloved spawn 
sing all the standards at about three-quarters the intended speed.
I finished my shopping there, then went to Circle Centre Mall,
which was also packed with people in various stages
of holiday shopping duress - two weeks out, so still too early
for outright desperation. The dominant group
this weekend was the overwhelming number of teen-age
girls running about, their long, coltish legs sticking
out below little cheer-leading outfits, and their
hair as be-ribboned as any Russian gymnast's.

Apparently, there was a competition being held at the adjacent 
Indiana Convention Center and the girls were biding their time between 
events by wandering the stores with their parents.
Oh, yeah, "acne laughs at soap and water."


dive said...

No fair! My mall is never filled with teenage cheerleaders showing off their coltish legs; all I get is grumpy old people (that's me) and bickering families.

On behalf of soap and water, I'd like to take this opportunity to say "Screw the cosmetics industry! Pseudoscience, lies, biased research and skewed statistics do not hide the fact that the first two ingredients in their products are invariably water (disguised as "aqua") and some form of laureate (soap)."
Sorry for being grouchy, Speedway; my back is still hurting like hell and I've got no photos of cheerleaders to look at.
Ho, ho and ho again.

Speedway said...

Oh, Dive, these girls were just in the beginning stages of their teen years, so much so they were still skinny, awkward and gawky. The one more mature girl I saw seemed out-of-place by comparison.

Teenagers abound in our malls - it's the place they go to be with their pals. Older folk tend to go early in the morning to get in their fitness walks.

I went to see "Lincoln" at the mall's cineplex. I rarely get so involved in a movie that I forget that it's a movie, but I did with this one. I was really caught up in the characters and the events, sitting forward in my seat to see what happened next.

I agree about the soap and water thing, too. I think many of the things kids use on their faces are so harsh as to make the problem worse, irritating complexions and making them break out more. Hormones run rampant, too, adding to the mix. The girls I saw (and boys!) didn't seem to have much of a problem. Yet. Maybe it was too early in puberty? I dunno. Maybe they have better diets.

I'm so sorry about your back. Do you have a big-ass muscle spasm? Or did you really tear a muscle? I one time had muscle spasms in my back so bad, I was crying. A sports massage therapist put me on her table, found the knot a cured the problem; when she poked her thumb into the knot, I rose up to the ceiling crying, and came down completely relieved. It's never been as bad since.