Sunday, December 2, 2012

Downtown Venice

There are two places where I can pick up the second bus for work, 
one of them at the intersection of Indiana Avenue and Michigan Street. 
Here there is a bridge that crosses over the Central Canal. 
Apartments and condos have been built along the canal, many 
with restaurants and cafes at sidewalk level.

The site is a popular place for walkers and joggers as the route
follows the canal from a point about one half mile 
farther north from this location, progressing back towards town, 
then west, to the White River and the Promenade
behind the Indianapolis Zoo. 

In warmer weather, rowers using light shells, kayakers,
 and people using little pedal-powered paddle boats
can be seen on the canal. There is even a gondola available
for romantic trysts. On occasion, the canal 
will be used for the swimming portion of triathlons. 
A co-worker has told me that the canal, 
at four feet deep and little to no current, is relatively 
easy to navigate. However, the yellow caps
worn by competitors are green by the end of
their swim, due to the dyes and anti-fungal 
treatments used to maintain the canal.

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dive said...

So much nicer than a street, Speedway. Replace the concrete with stone cobbles and the top one could almost be taken for the Canal St. Martin in Paris.