Thursday, December 6, 2012


In 2009, the IUPUI Student Center was opened, 
establishing a place for student activities outside of the classrooms.
The school was originally started as a commuter college, 
but has grown and evolved into a large,
university campus 

The top photo shows the bell tower, located on the southeast corner 
of the building, while the photo above is of the main entry,
looking north towards the bookstore and coffee shop.

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dive said...

Great composition, Speedway!
I wish I were back at university now, as I love hanging around coffee bars and book stores. Back in my day there was just a crappy canteen with instant coffee and a locked room where you had to write an order for your textbooks and slip it through the door and they'd get handed to you in class later.
Today's students don't know how lucky they are.