Friday, December 28, 2012

Detritis 'n' Excessius

Christmas is in the past. The tattered gift wrap 
brought curbside for pick-up by the trash collectors 
lies, wilted and bedraggled, on the 
tatty gray remains of yesterday's snow.

What looked pretty and inviting as it lay beneath 
the Christmas trees now seems like tawdry shards 
of our brief excursions
into commercialized generosity. 


dive said...

Those lights look like trippy autumn leaves, Speedway.

So someone in your neighbourhood got a Mickey Mouse toy, a coffee maker and a body pillow. Santa sure has to wade through some weird letters. What on earth is a body pillow?

Speedway said...

A body pillow is primarily for side sleepers who may need extra support, especially expectant mothers. It is about the size of a bed pillow, but about 4 feet long.

A book of grwon-ups letters to Santa might make funny reading. We've had enough of kiddies' touching tear jerkers, so how 'bout just plain "touched"?