Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cloud Coral Sandwich

Sunday, my walk to the Coke Field had been a gift of blue skies, 
scudding clouds and moderate temperatures. As the
day progressed, cloud cover formed, bringing showers.
I was sitting at my computer when I happened to see the sky had
turned coral, casting its light on everything.
These pictures were taken at about a quarter to seven, 
as the sun sank away behind the treeline, 
somewhere in Hendricks County.
The lavender hills in the background are 
actually clouds, one bit of the cloud sandwich
that held a slash of blue sky between.


dive said...

Simply glorious, Speedway.

Speedway said...

You shoulda seen it, Dive. It was wonderful. The morning had been beautiful, then turned to gray dullness mid-day. As the breezes moved in it turned the clouds into this colorful sunset.