Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blue Building, Too

The dominant building on the Indianapolis skyline is the J.W. Marriott hotel.
Sited on the east side of the downtown area, the building doesn't impress me 
much for any outstanding architectural features, but I do love 
its blue glass exterior and the way the color changes with the weather.
Yesterday morning, the building formed a blue grid, resembling
an Excel printout, that looked especially nice against the morning sky.


dive said...

Nice composition, Speedway. Subtle colours, too. I'm glad the Marriott's architect chose to keep it simple.

Julie said...


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f1f368ee-9cda-11e0-87da-000bcdcb471e said...

Gee, I seem to think that Sara has been participating in Theme day all along. Didn't Julie notice?

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. I really liked the colors the other morning. I especially like that the glass is textured so that the glass does not reflect the colors of the sky, but seems to take on patterns instead.

Thanks, Julie. I've been working on some pictures with only modest success.

Hi, f1f368etc, I think its like a form letter, so I don't forget. Thank you for noticing that I've been participating all along.