Sunday, March 17, 2013

Watcha Doon?

I caught my classmate Dorothy as she was rummaging through her purse. 
We were waiting in the IMA lobby for the other members of our group
with the intent of checking out the museum's still life paintings,
primarily those done by artists from the Impressionist period.
Most of us come from some sort of professional background 
and enrolled in a painting class for various reasons; 
Ms. Dorothy was recently widowed and felt she needed 
to begin to meet people, one man is an aeronautical engineer, 
while I am looking for feedback as well as
contact with people who share my interests.
The Indianapolis Museum of Art seems empty in this photo.
In fact, people were continually moving in and out 
of the galleries, as well as this lobby.


dive said...

Hi, Dorothy!
Boy, howdy, that is one big empty space. It looks kinda spooky with just the two of you in there, even though there were other folk wandering through.
I like the composition; the way the couch wanders off to the right like a typewriter carriage.
So what were the still life paintings like?

Petrea Burchard said...

I like this picture, and I also like that you're taking this class. It sounds like an interesting group.

Speedway said...

Hi, Dive! Yes, the space is big. It was early evening when the picture was taken and the atmosphere was relaxed; I hate going to a museum that's so busy you can't see the art without someone's butt bisecting it. Off to the right is a restaurant using locally grown food, etc. In the right you can see the entrance to the IMA gift shop; there isn't anything in there - books, jewelry, kitchen utensils, scarves - that I don't want at least one of. On the last Friday of each month, the area is the venue for a big party with a band.

Hi, Petrea. I'm thinking about working towards an MFA in painting and signed up for the class to meet people and to make contacts with people who might help me be admitted to the program.

I liked the way the picture laid itself out, too, especially when Ms. Dorothy sat down in the middle of the couch to balance it out.