Friday, March 29, 2013

Little Blue Building: John's Fish Market

This little building has been a near daily landmark of my trips downtown 
since I moved here. No matter the color scheme, it has always been John's Fish, 
a neighborhood business that has catered to the people of Haughville 
for well over thirty-five years. Some years, it has been painted white, 
others dark red, with another incarnation of daffodil yellow.
The lighted sign over the front door shows a painted catfish and lobster
to mark its business. The little wing above is a part of the small
complex, but I have no idea what goes on there.
But I do like the dark red door against the beautiful blues
on the walls. The bright, sunny day with a clear sky
seemed just the right time to catch the building's
pallet at its springtime best.


dive said...

Boy howdy, Speedway, just how weird can a photo get?
Love the angle, by the way. Now please tell me: what's that thing staring out of the hole in the wall? What's growing in the flower pot? Why no apostrophe? And most pressing of all, why does Johns Fish offer "leg and thigh"?

Speedway said...
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Speedway said...

Good morning, Dive! I took the photo from my seat on the bus, hence the angle, but I decided to not straighten it out to relieve all the verticals.

I do not believe that all of the activities at John's are exactly licit. Many years ago, I saw a police raid in progress, with bullet-proof vest-clad cops aiming weapons going through that very door. HOWEVER, no sight of them since, so who knows. "Leg and thigh" goes with "7-pc dk 7.99", possibly referring to the fried chicken sold by the little store. Nothing in the flower pot; I think that's a spigot just above it. The hole in the wall seems purpose (un)built. There is black plastic over the hole with a wire coming out of the hole. This is the real world, Dive, where apostrophes are extraneous devices, to be used at the discretion of the sign-painter and anyone questioning the lack of an apostrophe may find themselves wishing they hadn't. I just liked the use of the pretty blues and dark red.