Monday, March 4, 2013


In a paean to the sun, the little hydrant raises chained arms
to sing to the sunlight, to tell it of its joy;
finally the days of having cold snows thrown onto him
by passing plows are over. The sunny yellow
hydrant casts a shadow that boasts of water pressure
within that far exceeds his visible size.

Lurking in a shadowed corner of a downtown building, 
this riser boasts four heads, its spigots thoughtfully
arranged for easy access by the firefighters who may
need them.

While the red door indicates the risers within have their own shelter, 
the yellow one remains outside, perhaps as sentry.


dive said...

Great photos, Speedway. I like the idea of sentient risers watching over us.

Speedway said...

And some new ones have appeared, a couple squadrons outside a local plant, surrounded by reinforcements/sentries of their own, to protect them from errant vehicles. They're red, if I recall and have their own commander. It's a couple of hellacious pictures, I think.

dive said...

It's got to be done, Speedway. There's a weird kind of beauty in those things and you manage to capture it in a way that makes them almost anthropomorphic. I think Pixar are missing their next big thing. Perhaps you should send them some photos and let them know.