Tuesday, March 12, 2013


As I walked up to the bus stop near the Federal Court House, 
I saw a flock of sparrows worrying a stale dinner roll.
Together they nipped at the roll, bit by bit, rolling and turning
it around the courthouse lawn.
Not long after my arrival, the pigeons flew in to claim
a share of the roll, driving the sparrows away.
The smaller birds attempted to reclaim their prize, but only
got as far as an occasional nip at the bread; while the sparrows
fed en mass, the pigeons did not share. One cock expressed
his claim by turning in circles, looking like a body builder
striking poses, flexing his shoulders to dominate
the little birds. As the cock circled, one of the sparrows
would dart in behind him to steal a bite off the roll, 
and the pigeon was none the wiser.

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dive said...

Socialists and crapitalists have been around longer than most people think, Speedway.