Sunday, March 3, 2013

Looking for the Warm

I went out today to buy some art supplies. 
After one merchant elected to go out of business last year 
when he retired, there is only one other local store 
where one can go to buy paint, canvas, paper and all the other
wonderful items related to artistic pursuits.
The store itself is an island full of things that someone
like me can explore for hours, but I don't intend to ever return.

I hated going there because it is located in an inconvenient
corner of a congested shopping area. In fact, there was
an automobile accident at the entrance just a few
minutes after I'd left; about a half dozen police cars
swarmed to the scene where a pick-up truck T-boned an SUV.

Spring is slowly edging its way into the area.
It was gray all day, though the sun did manage to peep
around the clouds for a brief moment this afternoon.
These metal flamingos adorn a local store's window,
teasing us with the promise of better weather in a few weeks,
even as snowflakes swirled and darted on the chilly breezes.


dive said...

Those are creepy yet hilarious, Speedway.
Bummer about your local dearth of art stores.

Speedway said...

Since college, I've ordered a lot of my supplies, particularly paint and canvas, from a company in NYC. I would have done the same for this, except I needed the items for a class on Wednesday, so off to the dreaded northside shopping mall I went. Heck, the place has wonderful stuff, but you'd never know it; both their slick mailings and website are terrible.