Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Straddling the Seasons

Earlier this evening, I looked at the weather forecast 
for the next ten days. Apparently the temperatures will remain 
approximately the same throughout, in the 30s, 
as we leave winter and enter spring. Clouds have covered
my part of the country for quite some time. There has been no contrast;
everything, every damn thing seems gray, so my camera remains
in my pocket because there is no contrast, no shadow.
I am looking for the graceful line of a tree branch with buds
emerging, the palest turn of color to signify the awakening
of the Earth. It's there. Almost.

I went back to some pictures I took a couple weeks
ago to find a bright pink sunrise. The sun emerging from the treeline
in the top picture did not beat the teachers to the elementary
school, some of whom were already getting ready for their students.
The frost would still be on the soccer field when they arrived.


dive said...

Glorious sunrise, Speedway.
We're still in snow here and due more at the weekend. I've a feeling spring will arrive sometime in the summer.

Birdman said...

Here? More snow! Enjoy spring.

Speedway said...

Hey, guess what? The day is colder than hell, and may as well be winter, but the sun has shown bright and shiny, with the wind pushing through little puffy clouds. Sorry about the snow, guys, I keep thinking Earth is just taking a bit longer to lean towards the warmth than we want.