Sunday, March 24, 2013

What? Little Green Things! Really?

Yep. There they were, little green plants beginning their reach towards the sun, 
emerging from the faded brown of last year's mulch.
This patch made a heart-shape offering to spring, wreathed
by the fringe from last year.

We got this bit of glorious sun, warming the earth and us.
Unfortunately it is the lure, drawing us into the light 
to serve as targets for six to nine inches of snow forecast
for tomorrow. Bleh and, to quote a blog-friend,
"Fuck, fuck, fuckity,fuck."


dive said...

Those are cute, Speedway. They look tough little critturs, too, so I expect they'll survive the snow. Yay them for defying winter.

Speedway said...

I think they're cute, too, and that they resemble little green roses. The tulips and daffodils are emerging, too, but with little burned tips where their leaves were frozen earlier.

mabepi said...

I just shoveled 4 inches of "spring" off the end of my driveway and by the time I was done at one end, another inch had fallen where I had started. But tomorrow at 7 am I will not have to shovel quite as much to get out to work.

Speedway said...

Our leaden gray spring has been lightened a few shades by what appears, so far, to be about 3 inches of snow. I don't expect the sidewalks in my neighborhood to have been swept by the time I leave for work. I will leave early, but probably still be late.