Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Downtown Saturday

 This morning I went downtown to meet some folks at the Indianapolis Zoo
which I will tell you about later in the week 
I stopped at Cafe Patachou for an omelet because I hadn't had breakfast
then walked towards the Zoo, about a mile farther west.
There are people in this town who will tell you there is nothing
interesting to do in our city. During the walk I took Saturday,
I saw a lot of interesting activities, all of them with
hundreds of participants, the first of whom were folks 
preparing for the dedication of the Cultural Trail.

 As I passed the Eiteljorg Museum, the water at the deers' feet 
had been turned on, adding the illusion of a creek to
the sculpted herd's dash across the museum's lawn.
The grounds of the Indiana State Museum was alive 
with people who were setting up the venue for
the annual Asian Festival.

I walked across the Lawn at White River State Park where the grounds 
were being used as the finishing site for participants 
in the annual March for Healthy Babies events.

I spent about three hours at the Zoo, exploring a lot of the exhibits, 
and only saw about half of the grounds. Obviously, additional visits are
in order. After leaving the grounds, I returned via the River Promenade
and Central Canal Walk. On the Old Washington Street Bridge,
I encountered a couple tour groups, all of them on Segways.
All of the vehicles have rev limiters(?) on them 
to prevent riders from using them in an unsafe manner.

At the Canal basin, a group of people came down the staircase from 
street level for a photography session at the water feature 
near the Indiana State Library. Among the people accompanying
the young woman above were about a half dozen young men,
all wearing tuxes of the same shade of blue as her dress.
They appeared to be celebrating her Quinceanera,
her fifteenth birthday, a rite of passage marking her entrance
into young womanhood, leaving dolls behind.

On Monument Circle, another celebration was in progress, 
the 500 Festival Kids' Day, a free event for families
with vendors, activities, musicians and performers that
began late morning and ended late afternoon.
The Circle was crowded with throngs of happy children
and their parents. Clearly, anyone who says
there is nothing to do in Indianapolis has their head up their ass.


Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Interesting chronicle of a day in Indianapolis. Well done!

lin said...

The head up your ass comment after all that lovely description, caught me off guard and gave me a really good laugh. I thought the girl looked as if she left her dolls behind and became one, remember those dolls? I never had one, but I remember them.

Speedway said...

It was amazing to see the number of different activities going on just within the stretch between the Circle and the Zoo. This was not even considering the fact that it was opening day at the Speedway, the Pacers were playing the Knicks in an NBA divisional championship game, with concerts a bit farther north.