Friday, May 24, 2013


This photo was taken in the Hilbert Conservatory of White River State Park. 
Butterflies of various kinds were fluttering hither and yon, 
perched on plants or dishes of a special
concoction that included beer as an ingredient.
It was nice inside the Garden, with water misted into
the building every few minutes to maintain the humidity.
I wish I were there today; the weather has been leaden gray
 and breezy with temps in the fifties.


dive said...

Such a gorgeous photo, Speedway. Bummer about the weather. It snowed on me yesterday (SNOWED)! Sheesh! I think I'll write off the whole damned year and hibernate through until the sun bucks its ideas up.

Oh, on a brighter note, the Amazonians inform me that your book is winging its wqay across the Pond. I can't wait!

Paulo Camacho said...

Fantastic photo with tha butterfly