Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Portrait of the Bus Driver

On my way to work yesterday morning, 
while our bus was stopped in traffic, I happened to notice 
the bus driver's face reflected in her rear view mirror.
So here it is, an on the job portrait of the bus
driver in her milieu, driving a bus full
of people to their jobs. 


dive said...

Your bus driver's much prettier than mine.
So who's Doctor Marti?

Anonymous said...

"full of people" ? looks pretty empty to me. A morning commute where every seat is not filled (not to mention people stnding in the aisles) is why the city is loosing the battle for mass transit and Indygo struggles to keep on going.

Speedway will probably answer, Dive, but Dr. Marti is the beginning of Dr. Martin Luther King - there is a street in Indianapolis named after him and a bus stop.

dive said...

Cool! Thanks, f1.